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Avoid Nursing Home Costs

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We routinely help families already paying thousands of dollars every month for care to save 65-100% of their estates

An Afternoon to Save Your Estate

March 12th, Thursday | 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Broadmoor Branch Library

Main Meeting Room

1212 Captain Shreve Dr.

Shreveport, LA 71105

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Anyone wanting to protect their estate, or the estate of a loved one, from being spent down to nothing paying for long-term care, especially nursing home care, should attend and bring others who want to avoid the very real risk of losing everything.

Anyone paying for a spouse receiving care should come find out how we frequently help people in their situation save everything!

Anyone who has been told "Nothing can be done," or been confused by lots of conflicting information should attend. We have been assisting clients in this specialized area for over twenty years.

Who else is it for?

Anyone with a loved one already receiving care under Medicaid, whether at home or in a nursing facility, who wants to protect the patient's homestead from Estate Recovery after they die, or who has recently lost a loved one on Medicaid and doesn't want to see a family homestead lost. We can help!

Long-term care costs are the single-greatest financial threat most retirees face!

There are strategies to protect both small and large estates.

There are strategies to protect homes from Estate Recovery.

Don't leave spouses and family members financially insecure!

Discover ways to assure the quality of care and quality of life of loved ones!

EXPERIENCE MATTERS: For over twenty years we've helped hundreds of clients save their estates from devastating care costs. Come hear the truth!

Learn About Time-Tested Strategies To Help Preserve Your Estate!

What You're Going to Learn At This Event:

Avoid losing all your savings and even your home! Learn to avoid paying $5,500 to $6,500 each month for a nursing home stay that could go on for years!

Learn how a spouse can receive up to $3,160 per month of the income of their spouse in a nursing home and have their care paid for even while owning substantial assets?

Do you understand Gifting Rules, Look- Back Periods, how Medicaid treats common “tax loopholes” and ignores pre- nuptial agreements? Find out!

Could an Irrevocable Trust become your worst enemy? Learn the pitfalls and traps!

Is a loved one already in a nursing home or receiving care? Find out why it may not be too late to save their estate!

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The Single Greatest Financial Risk May Be Inaccurate Answers To These Two Questions...

"How can I keep from losing everything if there is a long-term care need and I can't (or we can't) afford or qualify for long-term care insurance?"

"What if I (we) have long-term care insurance that reaches its maximum benefit limits or becomes inadequate because of daily benefits that haven't kept up with inflation and care is still needed?"

In This 24/7 On-Demand Video Course You'll Learn:

  • Why Americans don't have to lose everything paying for long-term care if they know what to do

  • 5 common myths Americans believe that can lead to financial ruin you don't have to fall for

  • 3 common situations where crisis can be turned to success (when others say it's too late)

  • How even very substantial estates can be protected while others lose their for lack of knowledge

  • And Much, Much More!


An Afternoon to Save Your Estate

March 12th, Thursday

2:00 - 4:00 PM

Broadmoor Branch Library

Main Meeting Room

1212 Captain Shreve Dr.

Shreveport, LA 71105

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Your Workshop Host Will Teach You That...

No one should lose everything paying for long-term care!

Steve & Blake Rainey

Steven Rainey is a Veteran of the US Marine Corps and the Vietnam War, having served in country during 1965 & 1966. Steve will tell you that for all of his life he has been one to fight for what he believes in and he taught his son to do the same.

Today, along with his son Blake, they are aggressively fighting for the right of senior citizens to obtain the benefits they have paid for and need to help them preserve their life savings and standard of living.

Steve and Blake Rainey have taught Continuing Education courses on this area of estate planning for Elder Law Attorneys, CPAs, CFPs, Social Workers and Nursing Home Administrators. Their success is recognized nationwide because they proved that you can “fight city hall” – and win! We have sued the State multiple times, challenging their interpretation of Medicaid rules with one particular case making it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Don't risk everything

by doing nothing!